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Meet the Team

Jefrrey J. Abraham, CEO

For the past ten years Jeffrey has been in the residential and commercial mortgage business. Jeffrey is well versed in educating homeowners on options such as Forbearance Agreement, Short Sales, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, Loan Modifications/Loan Restructurings, and Loss Mitigation.

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Brian Chaloupka – COO

Mr. Chaloupka has over 25 years of experience in real estate investing and financing. Brian’s knowledge encompasses strategies such as wholesaling, fix and flips, fix and holds, turnkey investment properties, owner financing, mortgage notes, lending, and others.

Most recently, Brian has specialized in helping distressed homeowners with real estate solutions and offering affordable housing to those that would otherwise not be able to qualify for institutional financing.

Brian resides in San Antonio, Texas but actively invests nationwide.

Mary M. Wells

Owner of Tax Zone LLC, Professional Tax Preparer of 30 years with no Tax Audits, my position Intels accounting, bookkeeping for small businesses, and corporations.

I am also A Certified Homebuyers Counselor which allows me to service individuals in the market for becoming homeowners and need assistance with DP(Downpayment Assistance) and Closing Cost. I am a Former Educator, Income Tax Instructor teaching a Comprehensive Tax Class for 18 years plus.

Contact Info: mary.wells1952@gmail.com or (409)223-1040