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Documents That, Client Need to Start Underwriting of their Loan

1. Lease Agreement's on all tenants that are Renting (Refinance- Purchases)


2. Real Estate Tax Cert we will Receive from the Title Company


3. Current HOI insurance Polices for Fix and flips and Purchase


4. Articles of organization and operating agreement for all Loans.


5. EIN Number from IRS Form for all loans


6. Last two months bank statements with all pages and no screenshot, we need all pages for all Loans.


7. Fix and Flips Loans will need the Rehab Budget from a General License Contractor and must be filled out by the contractor signed and dated


8. All Investors have to provide the Hud's of Property that they have Flipped, Sold, or Rented (This will help our Underwriting source your experience in a Timely Manner

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