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Foreclosure Bailout

Fast Money For Flips offers foreclosure bailout loans that are specially designed to save investment properties from having their properties being foreclosed upon by the bank. This particular loan is only eligible for investment properties, not owner-occupied properties.

Looking towards a private money lender for a foreclosure bailout loan, is a great solution to a highly stressful financial situation. Private lenders, like Fast Money For Flips,  are willing to work with borrowers to lend homeowners money to avoid foreclosure.


Private money lenders that provide foreclosure bailout loans may be more difficult to find since very few lenders provide this mortgage program - however, Fast Money For Flips is a one-stop-shop, that has all types of mortgage programs under one roof. Because we work nationwide, we are able to help real estate investors, around the country, get out of foreclosure in a quick, efficient, and effective manner..

If you are facing foreclosure or are 3 or more payments behind in your mortgage, a foreclosure bailout loan from Fast Money For Flips can help you receive direct funding.​ We have helped hundreds of real estate investors stop foreclosure and we can help you too.

A foreclosure bailout loan is considered an asset based refinance mortgage, based on the current appraised value of the property or asset. Additionally, foreclosure bailout loans require an appraisal to determine the value of the collateral. 

Fast Money For Flips is a nationwide direct private money lender and has a foreclosure bailout mortgage option to help stop foreclosure regardless of your credit history.

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