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Commercial Real Estate

Fast Money for flips INTERNATIONAL LLC understands the complex challenges of financing your commercial real estate property. Our custom approach simplifies the entire loan process bringing your loan to a quick close. Property types include, but are not limited to, multifamily, warehouses, offices, strip malls and retail.

Commercial Real Estate Overview

Loan Type

Asset Type

Loan Size

Loan Term

LTV (Loan to Value)

Purchase, Re-Financing,  cash-out

Residential Non Owner Occupied, Commercial, Mixed Use, Warehouse, Strip Mall, Office Building, Multifamily Apartment Building, Hotel, Shopping Center


Various Terms Available

Up to 90% Purchase
Up to 80% Refinance
Up to 75% Cash-Out Refinance

Closing Timeline


Minimum FICO


As little as 3 weeks



We Lend to Foreign Nationals

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