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Rehab & New Construction Loans

Short-term financing to free-up your capital for the renovation or ground-up construction of investment properties. 


Rehab Loans

  Standard Rehab Product Overview

Loan Purpose

 Purchase and Delayed Financing (purchased with cash in the last 180 days)

Borrower Type

Entity or Individual (see full matrix for details)

Eligible Properties

Residential, Non-owner occupied, Business-purpose only.
Single Family Residences (inc. Condo/PUD), 2-4 Units
Warrantable Condo, Non-Warrantable Condo

Ineligible Project Scope

New or Mid-Construction; Structural Renovations; Properties not structurally sound; Removal of Exterior Walls (including the roof structure); Adding an additional story, detached ADU or additional units; Adding/Subtracting square feet; Conversions; Properties with Extensive Damage (Fire or Water)

Ineligible Properties

Rural (case by case), Multifamily, Mixed-Use, Manufactured, Condotels, Farms, Storage Facilities, Commercial Properties, Land, among others as indicated in guidelines

Project Scope

Experience Minimum

LTC Maximum

LTV Maximum ARV

Minimum FICO

Loan Amount

Non-Structural Improvements

2+ experience required in last three years0


75% (90% LTC limited to 70% LTV)


$100,000 Minimum to $3,000,000 Maximum Minimum to $3,000,000 Maximum

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